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1. Border Collie
2. National Heart
3. Mr & Mrs Clause
4. Brown Dachshund
5. American Flag
6. Boston Terrier
7. Poochihuahua
8. Anne\'s Sheppard
9. Mr & Mrs Clause 2nd Edition
10. Bernese Mountain Dog

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1. King Spaniel
2. Wally Walrus
3. Ragdolly
4. Love Bug
5. Black Lab Jake
6. Norlander Elf Zeelo
7. Partridge in a Pear Tree
8. Cougar
9. Norlander Elf Ziggy
10. Norlander Elf Zoie
Misc. Earring Patterns: Miscellaneous Bead Patterns
Sock Monkey Wave
Sock Monkey Wave (Pdf, 28 kB) - Price: $3.00     Qty:  
  Created from Delica 11 beads in brickstitch this design is reminiscent of a beloved childrens toy of bygone ages.  In 1932 The Nelson Knitting Mills in Rockford Illinois introduced the red heel on the Rockford work sock to distinguish their product from imitators.  In 1951 they included directions for the  sock monkey stuffed toy with every pair of Red Heel(R) Socks they manufactured. Color Chart Delica colors and bead counts Picture of finished item Approx 1 1/4 inches 1 Page to print Intermediate knowledge of brick stitch needed for this design  
Violin (Pdf, 38 kB) - Price: $4.00     Qty:  
 No fiddling around, these little violins are music for your ears.  Created from glass Delica beads  Color Chart of 11 colors Delica colors and bead counts Picture of finished item 1 Page to print Approx 2 1/8 inches without bow Intermediate knowledge of brickstitch needed
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